Fundraising News: Donate to enter the Online Giveaway

I've had some apologetic emails and DMs over on twitter from girls who would have loved to RSVP but have prior engagements on the night of the party. There are many of you that would still like to make a difference and get in on the action right?

Well here's the deal. I'm running a goody bag giveaway online, open to everyone who can donate whatever they can. It's the perfect way to be apart of the event without literally being at the event. Your donations will go to Cancer Research UK, a pioneering charity making fantastic progress in the fight against breast cancer.

If you missed the post about what's inside the goody bags, click here.

How to enter:

1) Send me a DM on twitter (@londondarling) providing your full name and email address.

2) Visit the following link: and make a donation of £5 or whatever you can and type "give me goodies" with your name in the message box.

The online giveaway closes on the 22nd October and the winner will be announced on the 23rd. Winner will be picked at random. Please spread the word and good luck!


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